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Web Site Promotion:
it's the name of the game
on the Internet.

Just because you've put up a web site it doesn't mean the world will beat a path to your door. (This is not a case of "Build it, and they will come").

You've got to let people know that your web site exists. The latest Georgia Tech GVU survey has just come out and it concludes that the vast majority of people are finding sites from search engines and links on sites (this includes directories and classified ad sites)

So you need to get your site link on as many of these as possible. You can defintely hand submit to all these sites. The problem is you end up spending your whole life doing it.

Why not automate the process??

Why not use our:

Web Site Submission Service -- only $25

We submit your web site to 1300+ search engines, directories, and links pages for only $25.

This service includes a complete report of the submissions that are made. It's sent to you via email.

Just remember, many engines take 6-12 weeks to index your site. Other sites will list your website immediately, but your listing may only last for a matter of days. We recommend that you re-submit your site on a regular basis to insure your site maintains its listings.

Check out the Sample Submission Report


Order our Site Submission Service right now for only $25 (Secure Order Form)


Have you submitted your site and your pages are indexed by the Search Engines, but your listing comes up way down at the bottom of the search results??

Find out how to get Top 20 Rankings
on the Search Engines.

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