"I am amazed at the great response when I send a support request. We feel that we have found a permanent home. Also since we moved up to the top level hosting plan, we have utilized the shopping cart system to it's full potential. Our sales have grown dramatically. Thanks for being here and good luck in the future."
David W. Smith, www.Tack-n-Stuff.com


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Network Operations Center (NOC)

We've taken great strides to provide reliable network access for our Web servers and, in turn, provide our customers with extremely dependable Web hosting. Our equipment is located in a state-of-the-art network operations center (NOC) that is complete with 400+ servers.

The NOC functions around three tenets:

  1. efficient choices of equipment,
  2. remote management capability, and
  3. quick recovery from any failure.

Hardware and Software

Our production servers are built with the fastest and most reliable Intel components available on the market. With maximum RAM configurations installed by default, and scalable UNIX operating systems, we can support hundreds of clients per system. We are careful to utilize less than 50% of our network capacity, so even when traffic peaks, our servers won't overload. Also, our hardware has been designed and built to support aggressive business growth of 3% per day.


This facility staffs a 24-hour, hands-on, technical support staff for network administration. The staff is able to monitor all the machines in our network with our advanced Network monitoring tools, and is always available to our customer support team should any issues with the servers arise.

We have a robust, scalable, and redundant backbone network to the Internet; full daily and weekly backups; and an average uptime of over 99.9% -- all of which put us at the cutting edge of the Web hosting industry!

We have multiple T-3 connections and an OC3 with premium Cisco routers and Extreme Networks Enterprise backbone, gigabit-switch components, running into our NOC.

All of our DS-3 connections run at full 45Mbps port speed.

Again, our bandwidth utilization average is less than 50% in order to keep traffic moving smoothly and quickly, even during the highest traffic periods.

We use diverse routing to the Internet Backbone to allow for complete redundancy -- if one of our providers has an outage, we will automatically route to another of our providers. Our state-of-the-art BGP peering allows us to avoid "Internet hotspots." What this means to you is that when one part of the Internet slows down, your site will not be caught in the bottleneck.

5111 York Court
Cape Coral, FL 33904
1-877-201-8859 toll-free 707-869-3389 phone
404-806-6979 fax

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